Redefining E‑Commerce
A Crypto‑Driven Odyssey

From exclusive merch products to an evolving global marketplace. Integrating crypto utility and fostering a commission-free trade environment.

About Shopcek

Introducing Shopcek: The Revolution of E‑commerce Through Cryptocurrency

Shopcek isn’t just another e-commerce platform. We’re a beacon in the vast crypto landscape, making it feasible to integrate digital currencies into your daily life.

Merch Collaboration

Through partnerships with influencers and projects, our exclusive merchandise promotes community engagement, collaboration, and provides shared revenue streams for all involved

Refill Convenience

Gone are the days of crypto limitations. With Shopcek, pay your bills, grab that gift card for your favorite e-commerce site, or refill your phone. It’s about making crypto as usable as any other currency.

Localized Marketplace Evolution

We start local but think global. Beginning with specific regions, our marketplace is tailored to resonate with local preferences and needs, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

SHPC Utility & Everyday Crypto

SHPC is more than just a token; it’s central to our ecosystem, offering exclusive discounts and transforming cryptocurrency into your daily shopping companion.

Key Features

  • Gateway Strategy

    Explore the crypto realm with our exclusive merchandise and live on crypto through digital gift cards and phone refills, designed for newcomers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

  • Crypto-Ready Marketplace

    Our platform is primed for a multitude of cryptocurrencies, but it's the expansive utility of the SHPC token that truly sets us apart. It's more than a token; it's the heart of our ecosystem.

  • Volatility Solution

    Navigate crypto volatility with confidence. We instantly convert unstable cryptocurrencies to stable coins, ensuring reliable pricing and trust for sellers and buyers alike.

  • Commission-Free Equality

    Dive deep into a trading experience where transactions are transparent and devoid of hidden costs. Equal opportunities and maximal profits for everyone, every time.

  • Free Shipping & More

    Beyond crypto transactions, we enhance your shopping experience with perks like free shipping. It's about value-added services that make shopping delightful.

  • Web3 Integration

    With a strong decentralized foundation, Shopcek has flawlessly integrated crypto payments, transforming the way you perceive and use crypto in daily commerce.

The Shopcek Journey

Merch Strategy - The Commencement

We kickstart our journey in partnership with influencers, projects, and leading exchanges, offering bespoke merchandise that integrates the Web3 community spirit.

Refill - The Bridge

Venture beyond the norm. Refill provides a path to seamlessly convert your cryptocurrencies into digital gift cards and phone top-ups, acting as a bridge to daily utility.

Marketplace - The Localized Expansion

We begin locally, curating selections for specific regions. As we grow, we’ll connect the world, enabling commission-free crypto transactions for everyone.

Road Map

Phase 1: Foundations
- Market Analysis
- Whitepaper v1 Release
- Launch
- Trademark Registration
Phase 2: Community Building & Beta Development
- Testnet
- Marketing Initiatives
- Community Building
- Partnerships
Phase 3: Funding, Listings, & Expansion
- Seed, Kol Round
- Public Round
- Exchange Listing
- Staking
Phase 4: Diversification & Launches
- Launch
- Merch Strategy Roll-out
- Refill Launch
- Shopcek Marketplace

Our Team

Cihan Koraltan

Founder & Chairman

Selcuk Casur


Doga Oztuzun


Oguz Karvan

Co Founder & COO

Ozge Duman


Cumhur Kucukkahveci


Burak Furkan Caner

Product Manager

Abdullah Kayapınar

Business Development

Still have questions?

Shopcek is a platform where blockchain meets e-commerce. We strive to create a seamless experience for users by integrating blockchain technology with traditional online shopping.

At Shopcek, we offer a variety of products, starting from exclusive merchandise for blockchain communities. Our focus is on quality and ensuring a unique shopping experience for our customers.

Our merchandise concept revolves around the intersection of blockchain and fashion. We create exclusive designs that resonate with blockchain enthusiasts, making them proud to represent their community.

Shopcek seamlessly merges the realms of e-commerce and cryptocurrency. By accepting a multitude of cryptocurrencies for products and services, we offer users an effortless way to use their digital assets in everyday transactions. Moreover, with our commission-free approach and special incentives for SHPC token usage, we emphasize the practicality and advantages of crypto in modern trade. Our mission is to make crypto not just an investment, but a usable currency for daily purchases and sales.

SHPC is Shopcek’s native utility token, designed to integrate blockchain functionality into our e-commerce platform. It will play a key role in transactions, rewards, and the overall user experience on Shopcek.

SHPC tokens can be used to purchase products on our platform, participate in exclusive promotions, and earn rewards through various campaign activities. As Shopcek continues to grow and evolve, we aim to further broaden the use cases for SHPC tokens.

At the moment, SHPC tokens will be distributed as rewards for participation in our airdrop campaign on ZetaChain. More information on additional methods of acquisition will be available as we roll out further phases of our project.

The listing date for SHPC tokens on exchanges will be announced soon. Stay connected with our updates to be the first to know.